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Automotive repair tool set

Automotive repair tool set

  1. Durable and reliable: Heat treated and blackened to prevent corrosion.
  2. Easy to organize: Equipped with a plastic toolbox storage box, all tools can be organized and stored safely.
  3. Portable: The toolkit comes with a handle, so you can carry it with you wherever you go.
  4. Widely applicable: very suitable for use at home, garage, or workplace. Very suitable for DIY projects, repairs, and general maintenance.
  5. According to the styles of the listed products, small purchases cannot be customized; For bulk purchases, please contact sales personnel


Packaging size:440 * 270 * 85mm  Set weight: 2.9kg 
notes:The parameters are all for engineering measurement. Please refer to the actual product for details


NumberProduct NameProduct lengthPliers/tube lengthHandle lengthMaximum openingNet weight
AWire type tube bundle pliers210mm650mm140mm50mm0.44kg
BStraight tube bundle pliers210mm40mm130mm70mm0.25kg
CStraight tube bundle pliers210mm40mm130mm70mm0.25kg
DCurved tube bundle pliers230mm60mm130mm70mm0.20kg
EStraight tube bundle pliers215mm45mm130mm65mm0.25kg
FTiger clamp tube bundle pliers175mm25mm95mm35mm0.25kg
GOil pipe separation pliers200mm65mm95mm42mm0.20kg
HCross screwdriver165mm 85mm  
IMini hook180mm 85mm  
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