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7 Piece Set

7 Piece Set

  1. 【120T RATCHET】120T ratcheting function with only 3 degrees of swing arc, this high precision and high torque ratchet, make the job work efficiently.
  2. 【POPULAR SIZES】SAE&Metric : 13mm (1/2"), 14mm (9/16"), 15mm (19/32"), 16mm(5/8"), 17mm (11/16"), 18mm (23/32"), 19mm (3/4"). Total 7pcs and have 14 sizes.
  3. 【PREMIUM MATERIAL & DESIGN】 High quality chrome vanadium steel forging with black plating.
  4. 【DURABLE FINISH】Professional chrome protective plating on the surface brings durability and corrosion resistance.
  5. 【V-SHAPED OPEN END】 V-Shaped open end with anti-slip groove grabs securely onto four sides of the fastener to provide more leverage.
  6. 【EASY TO CARRY】With flexible head can present more flexibility, also SAE&Metric design can let you bring less wrenches and still provide comprehensive sizes that you need, also you can cost-efficient and have double amount of setting.
  7. According to the styles of the listed products, small purchases cannot be customized; For bulk purchases, please contact sales personnel
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